PhD Students

Chair for Dissertation Committee

  • Abhishek Borah
    Graduated May 2013, first placed University of Washington
  • Seshadri Tirunillai
    Graduated Spring 2011, first placed University of Houston
  • Joep Arts (with Ruud Frambach)
    Graduated May 2008, first placed, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Deepa Chandrasekaran
    Graduated May 2007, first placed, Lehigh University
  • Ashish Sood
    Graduated June 2005, first placed, Emory University
  • Yongchuan Bao
    Graduated Summer, 2004, first placed, Cal State Fullerton
  • Stefan Stremersch
    Defended cum laude, 2001, first placed, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
  • Joseph Johnson
    Graduated Spring 2001, first placed, University of Miami
  • Yiding Yin
    Graduated Spring 2001, first placed, Cambridge University
  • Elise Prosser
    Graduated Fall 1999, first placed, San Diego State University
  • Rajesh Chandy
    Graduated 1996, first placed, University of Houston
  • Peter Golder
    Graduated 1993, first placed, New York University
  • Avu Sankaralingam
    Graduated 1993, first placed, Information Resources Inc.
  • S. Hariharan
    Graduated 1992, first placed, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • K. Rajendran
    Graduated 1989, first placed, Univeristy of Northern Iowa

Advisor for Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral International Students

  • Stefan Stremersch
  • Martin Spann
  • Andreas Eisigerich
  • Gaia Rubera
  • Delane Botelho
  • Joep Arts
  • Stav Rosenzweig
  • Nukhet Harmancioglu
  • Gaia Rubera
  • Christina Kuehn
  • Christian Pescher
  • Manuel Trenz
  • Ying Li
  • Marc Falko Schraeder
  • Sourindra Benerjee

Unpublished Papers

  • Tellis, Gerard J., Andreas Eisingerich, Jaideep Prabhu, and Rajesh Chandy (2009),
    “Competing for the Future: The Global Location of Research Centers.”
  • Bao, Kevin and Gerard J. Tellis (2005),
    “Vaporware: Wisdom or Wasteland?”
  • Kevin Bao and Gerard J. Tellis (2005),
    “Strategic Pre-announcement and Positioning of Technological Innovations.”
  • Prosser, Elise, Eddie Ip, Stefan Stremersch and Gerard J. Tellis,
    “Life After Death: Modeling Video Life Cycles”.
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